Initial Consultation & Qualifications for Free Services

Qualifications for Free Services & Initial Consultation

Before we are able to conduct a consultation, our grant funders require that we verify household income. Once we have done so, we will set an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, we will ask a lot of questions, review immigration documents you provide, and determine your case options, if any are available.

What to Expect

Financial Screening

Members of the Administrative team will review documentation to determine your eligibility for free legal services. What to Bring. Documents can be emailed to

What to Bring

Documents can be emailed to

Meet for a Consultation

An attorney or accredited representative will ask questions about you, your family life, your immigration history, and criminal history. It is critical that all history be disclosed - there are ways to remedy many situations, but only if they are disclosed. Failure to disclose information can negatively impact your application.

Confirm Eligibility

After your consultation, you will be advised on your eligibility to apply for immigration benefits.

Prepare and Submit Application

If eligible, we will prepare and file your application.

Await a Final Decision

We will continue to provide representation until a final decision is reached regarding your case.

What to Bring

Proof of Household Income

(only one is required)

  • Public benefits award letter (Food Stamps, TANF, etc.) OR
  • Employment verification letter dated within the last 30 days— including current rate of pay, frequency of pay, average hours worked and date of hire OR
  • SSI, Retirement, Disability, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Award Letter

Proof of Texas Residency

(only one is required)

  • Lease or rental agreement, mortgage statement/property tax statement OR
  • Two (2) current utility bills/household bills

If you live with a family member and none of the documents are in your name, you will be required to prove Texas residency.

Vital Records and Identification

The following documentation may be needed for your case. If any of the documents are applicable to you, please bring them. The U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) is the Petitioner and the Beneficiary is the relative benefiting from the application.

  • Proof of Immigration History
  • Any immigration records you have from USCIS
  • Documents related to your identity (i.e. marriage certificate, birth certificate(s), government issued IDs, passport(s), divorce decree, etc.)

Please note, if your original documents are torn or in otherwise poor condition, you may be asked to obtain new certified copies.

Walk-In Consultations

Meet with us to start a case.

Monday–Friday • 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
2400 Yandell Dr. • El Paso, TX 79903

Email us at to set up a consultation.