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Since 1986, migrants and refugees in West Texas and New Mexico have been provided with free immigration legal services from Estrella del Paso, a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso. Formerly known as Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, we serve tens of thousands of individuals each year while maintaining a denial rate that hovers near zero. As the largest provider of these services, our scale of operations and the advocacy and expertise of our team are unmatched by any other provider in the region.


To provide immigration legal services, advocacy, and community outreach to protect immigrants’ rights and advance justice in the spirit of the Gospel.

Sister Gabriela

Success Stories

Estrella del Paso has been a guiding light for those seeking safety, opportunities, and a better life for over 37 years. Our mission extends beyond mere assistance; it’s deeply rooted in the Gospel, aiming to aid those chosen by God to spread His message.

Recently, Annabel from our Religious Workers Unit facilitated Sister Gabriela’s journey to becoming a U.S. Citizen. Annabel, a passionate advocate for over 4 years at Estrella del Paso, has transformed numerous lives through our Religious Workers Unit, with Sister Gabriela being a remarkable example.

In 2022 alone, our Religious Workers Unit handled over 60 cases, providing comprehensive representation to individuals aiming to serve the Roman Catholic Dioceses of El Paso, Las Cruces, and Reynosa through the religious worker visa program.

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