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Since 1986, migrants and refugees in West Texas and New Mexico have been provided with free immigration legal services from Estrella del Paso, a ministry of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso. Formerly known as Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, we serve tens of thousands of individuals each year while maintaining a denial rate that hovers near zero. As the largest provider of these services, our scale of operations and the advocacy and expertise of our team are unmatched by any other provider in the region.


To provide immigration legal services, advocacy, and community outreach to protect immigrants’ rights and advance justice in the spirit of the Gospel.


Success Stories

Florencia is the perfect example of resilience, showing that darkness is temporary. Originally from Mexico, she sought assistance due to suffering from domestic violence. It was then that she discovered Estrella del Paso and visited our original location inside St. Patrick Church. Our team fought tirelessly, and through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Florencia obtained her Legal Permanent Residency status, enabling her to escape the violence she experienced in Mexico.

Safe from harm, Florencia secured a job, an apartment, and began her life in a new country, becoming a contributing member of our community and nation.

In 2023, Florencia made the decision to pursue U.S. citizenship and began her naturalization process. With the assistance of our Affirmative Legal Services team (ALS), particularly our Managing Accredited Representative, Alberto Lopez, Florencia embarked on this new journey toward U.S. citizenship.

After months of preparation, gathering necessary documentation, and submitting her application, Florencia finally received her official Naturalization interview, scheduled for January 2024. Alberto’s work wasn’t finished yet, as he guided and supported Florencia through her citizenship interview.

Today, Florencia is a hard-working, official U.S. Citizen.

In her own words: ‘Muchas gracias a Alberto y a mi padre Dios. Espero que sigan ayudando a mucha gente como a mí, que lo necesita. ¡Muchas gracias!

Florencia is the perfect example of resilience, community support, and the hope for a better life. Her journey from being a victim of domestic violence to becoming a U.S. citizen is a true testament to the impact that organizations like Estrella del Paso and individuals like Alberto have in the lives of others. As we celebrate with Florencia, let her story serve as inspiration for many to pursue their opportunity to achieve a new life and thrive in communities like ours.

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