Estrella Insights - May Edition

Estrella Insights - May Edition

May 1, 2024

Immigration Advocacy Let’s begin with the positive news. The month of May showcased several stories emphasizing the outstanding efforts of our team at Estrella del Paso. Early on, we celebrated a milestone as our client Florencia Avalos, after years of perseverance and hard work, achieved U.S. Citizenship. We also saw the fruits of our Religious Workers Unit’s dedication when Sister Gabriela became a U.S. Citizen with the help of Annabel from our Religious Workers team.

These success stories are a testament to your continued support and generous contributions.

Healthcare Expanded to DACA

This month brought great news, especially for those under the DACA program. A new rule was recently announced that will allow eligible DACA recipients to enroll in the Affordable Care Act starting in November. It is estimated that over 100,000 DACA recipients will benefit from this rule.

The Anniversary of the Transit Ban Exactly a year ago, on May 11th, the Biden-Harris administration announced the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways, also known as the Transit Ban. This ban prioritized the harming and separation of a vulnerable community, aiming to accelerate the removal of individuals seeking assistance, aid, and safety without affording them a fair opportunity to present their case.

Now, a year later, we’re confronted with news that the current administration has proposed a rule to bolster this ban, granting it even more power. The proposed rule aims to reject certain asylum seekers at an early stage and expand the authority of expedited removals. If approved, this ban will result in wrongful removals, an inconsistent process, and will further endanger the lives of those seeking safety.

Currently, and until June 12th, the proposed rule is open for public comments. We implore your support and urge you to raise your voices by leaving comments in opposition to this distressing proposal from our current administration. Let’s stand together to defend the rights and safety of vulnerable asylum seekers.

Pope Francis Interview May brought a surprise to Catholic faith followers with a first-time interview on an American network where our Pope shared his views on various global issues, including immigration. During the interview, the Pope left us with some powerful quotes. When asked about the Texas Attorney General’s attempt to close Annunciation House, he responded with “una locura” – “It’s madness.” He further emphasized that migration contributes to a country’s growth and ended the interview by saying that we are currently living in the globalization of indifference.

It’s always enlightening to hear from such a respected leader like Pope Francis. It’s even more encouraging to know that he’s aware of the assaults against Annunciation House by Ken Paxton and fully supports our mission to aid those fleeing danger and seeking refuge.

May was a total rollercoaster with numerous updates and rule proposals, but it also brought light to our immigration path through the success stories of Florencia and Sister Gabriela. Additionally, Pope Francis’ remarks serve as a wake-up call to our government leaders, urging them to focus on welcoming those in need.

However, the future remains uncertain with the recent proposed rule by our administration that aims to enhance the transit ban and jeopardize the safety of thousands of asylum seekers. It’s our turn to speak up and let the government know that we are heading in the wrong direction. These policies, rules, and laws are only worsening the current immigration situation that our country is facing, instead of creating solutions and unity.

As we enter June, we reiterate our commitment to keeping you informed and advocating for those on the journey to a better life, safety, and opportunities. In the end, we are all citizens of this planet and share the human right to follow our dreams and hopes.

Happy Mother’s Day, Feliz Día de las Madres, and don’t forget to honor those who fought for our freedom and served our country.